UK most popular mobile phone handsets for May 2013

Here we review the most popular mobile phones in the UK for the month of May. Although there has been lots of competition from Samsung and HTC, iPhone makes it to the number one spot with its iPhone 5 16GB model and most users opting for a black mobile handset.

  1. Apple iPhone 5

    With a larger display and 8MP camera the 16GB iPhone 5 comes in at number one and is also a favourite in the office at Mobile Free Sim. Best deals for unlimited data can be found on a 24 month contract with T-Mobile or 3 Mobile.

  2. Apple iPhone 4S

    Not far behind is the 16GB iPhone 4S which has similar features to the iPhone 5 although a slightly smaller display. Deals can be found slightly cheaper than an iPhone 5 with mobile handset free from £25.

  3. Samsung Galaxy S4

    Prefer an Android operated phone to Apple? Then the latest 16GB Samsung Galaxy S4 is a good option with its larger and wider handset than the iPhone 5 and an awesome 13MP camera.

  4. Apple iPhone 4

    The older version of an Apple iPhone comes in slightly cheaper from £17 per month for the 8GB model.

  5. Samsung Galaxy S3

    The Samsung S3 has deals for around £20 per month on Vodafone, Orange or 3 Mobile contracts. Featuring advanced voice commands and a stylish design this model makes the top 5.

  6. HTC One

    The HTC One was the worlds favourite handset for May 2013 with its cool design and features. However, in the UK it was only at number 6. The HTC One has a massive 32GB of storage and 3G/4G connections and is a great alternative to the Samsung Galaxy.

  7. Sony Xperia Z

    Using Android Jelly Bean operating system the Xperia Z is a contender with water and dust resistant phone with 13MP camera and 16GB storage.

  8. Samsung Galaxy Ace

    At the cheaper end of the scale, Samsung Galaxy Ace offers value mobile plans from as little as £7.50 per month on a 24 month contract with Talk Mobile.

  9. Samsung Galaxy Note 2

    Available on Vodafone with 1GB of data and unlimited texts and minutes from £29 a month this phone merged the features of a tablet and phone. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has 2GB of storage with a MicroSD card slot for an extra boost in storage of up to 64GB.

  10. Samsung Galaxy S2

    The slim designed Galaxy S2 comes with 8MP camera and Android operating system with monthly deals starting at £15 on a 24 month contract.


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