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Want to keep in touch with friends and family whilst travelling abroad? With the STA Travel Free SIM Card you can stay in touch at cheaper prices and have the peace of mind that you can be contacted on your mobile no matter where you are travelling.

STA Travel Free SIM Card

The STA Travel SIM free card has 3 packages available as standard SIM cards or Micro SIM cards for your iPhone 4 or iPad for Internet browsing and Nano SIMs for iPhone 5 and iPad Mini.

Choose the best SIM card to suit you depending on whether you are going on holiday, travel internationally frequently or are travelling to a specific region often.

Global Travel SIM 
Available to use in 185 countries and starting at £6 calling credit, this is the best option for those travelling overseas for a holiday.

Home & Roam Service 
This SIM card is best for frequent international travellers who are away for a longer period of time. With this SIM card you get a need a UK & US number which works in over 140 countries.

Data SIM
The Data SIM card is best for those frequent travellers away for a longer period of time in a particular country with use in over 145 countries. Top up is more than with the Global Free SIM card but at cheaper rates needed for use on a longer time frame. Calls are free to receive in over 70 countries and calling starts at 49c per minute in comparison to 99c per minute on the Global Travel SIM. With this SIM card you also get a UK & US number.

STA Travel also offers over 40 SIM cards for global use or mobile phone usage in a particular country including Thailand, Poland, Italy, France, Germany and many more. – Get your STA Travel Free SIM Card

To get your STA Travel Free SIM card visit and select the option best for you by clicking order now next to the relevant SIM card. Select the type of SIM card you require and whether you need re-charge options or insurance. Click you have read the terms and conditions and continue to fill in your contact details and follow the prompts to checkout. The STA Travel Free SIM card will then be shipped to you ready to use on your next travel adventure!

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